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520 chain conversion


The time has come to replace the chain and both sprockets of my '82 FT500, and was wondering if anybody had the part numbers or the models from which the sprockets come from to convert to the 520 size. I would like to go to 520 as all my other bikes use that size and can get them with 'O' or 'X' ring as well. Any help greatfully received.
Thanks, Steve.

I used a sprocket on the rear from a 86 87 Suzuki GSXR the front from a xr500 Honda, I  am running 15 + 39 gearing it's a bit tall but works good if you plan on running plus sixty or so and works good in town for me ,I am 210 lbs and it pulls ok from a stop in first gear still, but don't plan on wheelies in first gear lol

Thanks for the info.  :)

Have now completed the conversion (after a break for medical problems) and used a VT250 15 tooth front and a 39 tooth rear that I machined down to the 520 size in my lathe. I fitted an O ring chain and bike runs smoothly and very little rev drop from standard (about 200 rpm at 100Km/h (60mph)) and chains will now be cheaper and easier to find.


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