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Modifying front forks

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My wife has a pretty much pristine '82 Ascot. the front forks have never held air very well. I had an '82 Goldwing and I changed to progressive springs. Is there some kind of kit available for the Ascot to do away with the air forks ? Thanks in advance.

Yes , Race tech makes a spring in all spring rates a little pricy but well worth it .I am 215 lb and I am using a 90kg straight weight spring rate that is firm with 15wt oil .Air forks are junk for the most part, I just eliminated mine altogether. Progressive also makes springs too. I use the Race Tech ones on my vintage race bikes also, Depending on the weight of the rider most likely 80kg or 85 kg spring would work well unless you heavy like me lol. They are easy to change too

OK. I got the kit from Progressive, and I have a qt. of fork oil coming from Dennis Kirk. Maybe somebody can give me some direction. I know to raise the front wheel off the ground. Remove the top air caps. Remove the spacers and OE springs. Now, I assume I remove the screw at the bottom of the fork and drain the old oil. Should I rinse it out by pouring something like kerosene and let it run out?
Next, I assume I replace the drain screws, pour in the correct amount of fork oil, install the new springs and spacers and replace the top caps. Again, I assume I can put plugs in where the air used to go in.
So, am I on course here? If not, can somebody tell me where I am wrong.

Thanks guys

You do not need to rinse out the forks with anything just let them drain out put the screw back in the drain hole and fill with the wt oil you wish to use ,you do not need to plug the fork caps just don't put air in them ,

Thanks Triguyracer!


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