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Weekend ride

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Rode my FT500 to a motorcycle rally about 300Km from home. Had a great ride on quiet roads in great Autumn weather. Checked out the dam er 'puddle' on the way. Had a few stops for a stretch and drink and had a leasurly ride home clocking nearly 700Km.

Went for a 200Km ride today with my son and his new (to him) 2017 SWM 440 Turismo. Great day, empty roads and a bit of bonding.

Went on the local clubs rally ride and look what parked next to me. This is the first white FT I have ever seen, all the others have been red or black.

Took my FT to a local show and shine. I parked next to the little SL125 chopper that I built about five years ago, now owned by another club member.

Out for a ride with my son and grandson.


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