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Help! Anybody got a wrecked starter? Need a couple of small parts if possibe


Hi -
took the starter off my 83 500 single at the weekend and found a couple of items missing - presumably "misplaced" by the PA. To be fair it starts pretty well without them but now i know they are missing I need to replace them - and even when new it looks like they weren't available separately.
If any of you have a wrecked assembly that still  has these parts left I'd be really grateful

The items are: a couple of thrust washers and an insulator washer (which I could probably get locally if I had dimensions) and a retainer thingy which i'm sure I can't find locally . They are shown on the diagram below.

Obviously I will pay for these and postage to the UK - and you can bask in the knowledge that I will be eternally in your debt :D


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