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Looking for a second opinion on starter problem


So my thumper has been out of commission all summer while I have checked everything in my limited free time and it still won't start. It is now to the point where it doesn't even engage anymore it just free spins and everything looks good except for one thing. My flywheel is sheared pretty bad. I was wondering as I have limited motorcycle experience if this can cause the free spinning that's happening? Everything else seems to be working as they should so I'm quite a bit confused. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this bike has some really big sentimental value behind it for me as of recently and it would mean alot of I could get it running again. Thanks in advance


are you a member of the Ascot Yahoo group as well? I had a similar problem and maybe my post can help you out. My flywheel is also badly sheared. Here's the post:



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