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Hi everyone,

I posted a bit of an introduction a few weeks back, but I wanted to fill everyone in on what is happening to the Ascot 500 Forums.  John accepted my offer to provide a new home for the forums and that process is in progress. 

Over the next week or so, I will be completing the domain transfer and then moving the forums themselves to a new server.  You'll still find everything at, but there may be brief periods where things aren't quite working correctly.  Transferring a site takes some time to complete since internet addresses get cached for varying lengths of time.

Whenever any of this work has the potential to be disruptive, I'll announce it in advance.

Except this first change which I'm only announcing as it is in progress...  The domain transfer process is in progress.  It will complete some time over the next 5 days.  I will be checking on things to make sure nothing breaks and fixing it promptly if it does.

As it turns out, the domain transfer wasn't seamless.  Hopefully this is resolving over the next few hours.


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