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Flywheel bolt


Hey hey hey
I'm trying to get the bolt off so I can remove the flywheel but I'm having nothing but problems .... Engine is out of the frame and I'm going to split the case cause the transmission is damaged

Does the flywheel have to be off to split the case ?

If I can leave it on that would be just fine .... yes I used my impact driver and it won't budge
Please let me know and thank you in advance

I don't know what bike/engine you are trying to get apart but most I have worked on the flywheel can stay on the crank when you split the cases.

Been awhile but i am pretty confident there is at least one case bolt behind the flywheel that will need to be removed to split the cases. That flywheel center nut is tough. And there is no way to hold it still. Only way i have got them off is with the impact. Dont give up. It will come off. 

Flywheel bolt is left handed threads.  Turn clockwise to loosen. 

Might be the clutch basket i am thinking of that has the case bolts behind it. Several years ago i completely split one apart so memory is not all that fresh.


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