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LED Instrument Lights?

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--- Quote from: Dougie on October 09, 2013, 06:22:23 am ---Regulator/Rectifier?
--- End quote ---

Doh! I should've been able to figure that out. :-[


Ya, Regulator/Rectifier.  Most motorcycles (including the Ascot) have a total loss power generation system.  That is, they produce a fixed amount of power (for a given RPM).  Whatever power isn't used elsewhere on the motorcycle is 'shunted' to ground through the R/R (that's why R/R's are typically built as a finned heat sink - to dissipate the heat from the power being shunted to ground.  Designing a total loss power system for a motorcycle is a balancing act between generating enough power for minimum load with a little extra thrown in for temporary increases (and relying on the battery to fill in the gaps) without generating so much power that the excess fries the R/R through too much current - i..e heat.  The fact that you may have to occasionally charge your battery (or put water back in it) is a sign that it's not an exact science.

Some motorcycles have an excited field alternators (like most cars) which generate less power if less power is required so there's not a lot of shunting power through the R/R going on.  The downside is more complexity (and more expensive to build) and parts that need to be replaced, like brushes, and rotor windings that are subject to fail (in addition to the stator windings that all systems have).


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