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The main jet is the large one that hangs down below the carb body casting.

The low speed jet is tucked out of sight up into a tube that is part of the carb body. I use a gunsmith type of screw driver to reach up in there. You don't want to strip the screw drive notch on this jet.

Good luck

Thanks for the help J

No problem. Here are a few semi-fuzzy pictures of what the old jets look like.

The short stout one is the main jet.

The long slender one is the low speed jet & is the more difficult one to locate & remove.

The material of both jets is fairly soft & the screwdriver slot can strip out real easy. You really don't want to strip out the low speed jet as it would be the most difficult to remove. You would most likely need to try an e-z-out & some drilling. Use the best condition screwdriver that fills the slot that you can find.

Good luck

PS. Pick up a service manual as soon as you can. You really need one.

Great info & thanks for posting it up, I'm looking to make my FT a little more responsive and also swapping the stock exhaust for something a little throatier-not into loud, but if I'm re-jetting & deleting the air box & doing the filter mod, I may as well do the exhaust while I'm at it.
 I've seen pics of the Thumperstuff header, looks pretty much like stock but better, but I've also seen pics of FTs with custom headers where the pipes collect about 6 inches from the head & one pipe goes the rest of the way down & I think it looks way better, I'm wondering if this is a set up for Hi compression only? I'm going to start searching this subject, as I don't want to do something($$$) that's not going to benefit a stock piston.

I was looking at those shocks on Dennis Kirk- the springs are separate, not a big deal,  did you  buy both sets & install the springs yourself?


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