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No airfilter is original. Haven't thought about that.
So first thing I'm gonne try.
Mounted an ramair filter, fits very well and problem solved.

I did a few of these over the week with varying levels of success. Changed the fork springs and the oil and it seemed to help a bit. Didn't get a change to drive it much after to really sort things out. changed the air filter, and have some rear shocks coming in today. I tried to get the carburetor out but that thing was in there good. So I loosened the  rubber boots, unhooked the throttle cables, and turned it enough to be able to get to the float bowl and the jets. I took the stock ones out and added the 58 and 145. That's when everything went downhill. The float filled backup and then when I would start it it just wouldn't idle. It would just sputter like it need a bit more something to run. It was fine anywhere in the throttle range but not idle.  Twisting the small gray nob at the bottom (I'm told this is a air fuel mixture thing) counterclockwise would help it idle a bit better. I had to turn it almost half a turn. How much is too much? Then there was the popping sound after you let the throttle off. Noticeable but not awful. It would idle with the choke/enricher up a bit too. So I increased the idle and it ran, but the exhaust had a stronger smell too. It just ran more rough at idle but not awful. It would just idle well at low before. I think in trying to get the carburetor out I might have cracked the intake manifold/heat regulator assembly I noticed a small crack when put it back together but I don't think it was large enough to do anything, but I could be wrong. I took her for quick 5 minute spin and the bogging down at 1/4-/3 throttle was gone and she was great off a stop. Like a new bike. I moved her back inside and messed with throttle some more and the air screw thing. Then a puff of smoke from the intake boot and it died. Started again but just rough a again. It would run but still just blah. Popping still there. Smoke seemed to be nothing. I have't taken the plug out but that's next. What might be going on here ? Would the jets have done this ? i love this little bike but I i just don't know what to do and hope nothing is ruined ?

Another "replacement" air filter technique: 
1.  cut the filter's paper cage away, right at the base (I used a pair of dikes, and worked my way around the filter cage.  Took 20 minutes or so.).  This'll leave you with the rubber snorkel (with metal flange) that fits into the airbox
2.  get a Uni 'sock' air filter (I used p/n U-603:  2.25" ID and 6" length), and fit it to the part of the snorkel that lives inside the airbox. The filter comes with a band clamp.  Be sure to oil the filter first
3.  reinstall the snorkel into the airbox

I was going to make my own filter but tried this instead.


Thanks for the info.



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